Assembly Floor Session: January 18, 2024

The Wisconsin Assembly met January 18 and passed 18 bills. See the floor calendar here. Also this month, both houses met January 16 and the Assembly met January 25.

January will be one of the last regular floor periods of the 2023-24 legislative session. The Assembly is expected to meet several times in February and then adjourn; based on the session calendar, February 13, 15, 20, and 22 (Tuesdays and Thursdays) are the most likely dates that the Assembly would meet. The Senate is also expected to meet on one of those days in February, then meet once again in March (on 12, 13, or 14) and adjourn.

The following bills passed by unanimous roll call or voice vote unless otherwise noted:

  • AB 211 Vital Record Copies Authorization for tribal governments to copy certified copies of vital records for administrative use.
  • AB 332 Reciprocal Credentials Reciprocal credentials. Passed, 62-35.
  • AB 356 Next Gen 911 Grants for incumbent local exchange carriers for costs associated with Next Generation 911 and making an appropriation. Passed, 96-1.
  • AB 385 Hmong Veteran Status Indication of Hmong veteran status on an operator’s license or identification card.
  • AB 510 Parent Rights Rights reserved to a parent or guardian of a child. Passed, 62-35.
  • AB 511 Oversize Permits Permits for certain oversize or overweight vehicles transporting forest products.
  • AB 578 Financial Exploitation Financial exploitation of vulnerable adults.
  • AB 637 Catalytic Converters Removing a catalytic converter without consent and providing a penalty.
  • AB 669 Liability Exemption A liability exemption for motor vehicle sellers after sale.
  • SB 111 Strip Searches The definition of “strip search” for the purpose of the prohibition against strip-searching a pupil.
  • SB 261 Tanning Facilities Regulation of tanning facilities.
  • SB 303 School Safety Plans Defining critical mapping data for school safety plans.
  • SB 333 Sexual Misconduct Sexual misconduct against a pupil by a school staff member or volunteer and providing a penalty.
  • SB 416 Veterans Services Grants Grants to counties for veterans services.
  • SB 466 Merchant Category Codes Prohibiting firearms merchant category codes in payment card transactions, prohibiting government lists of firearm owners, and providing a penalty. Passed, 62-35. 
  • SB 706 Dentistry Scholarships Scholarships for Marquette University School of Dentistry students who practice in dental health shortage areas.
  • SB 773 Credit Unions Authorized activities and operations of credit unions; the lending area of savings and loan associations; automated teller machines; residential mortgage loans and variable rate loans; payments for public deposit losses in failed financial institutions; promissory notes of certain public bodies; repealing rules promulgated by the Department of Financial Institutions; providing an exemption from rule-making procedures; and providing a penalty.
  • SB 812 Gas Pipelines Increasing the penalties for gas pipeline safety violations and providing a penalty.

The nine Senate Bills (SB) listed above previously passed the Senate and can be presented to the governor for his signature or veto.

The Assembly delayed action on one bill on the calendar, AB 579, relating to the “use of fill in commercial waterways and Great Lakes waters.” The Assembly voted on the bill one week later, on January 25.

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