Political Counsel/Strategic Planning – A winning legislative or regulatory agenda cannot be implemented without a sound, pragmatic political strategy. While often overlooked, this planning component is perhaps the most important factor to assure success in the political arena of public policy development. Whether developing an issue-specific strategy or an overall government relations plan, we first look to creating influential alliances and innovative policy alternatives. Once the strategy is formulated, we use a team approach, applying the most relevant and potent resources on hand.

Client-Sponsored Initiatives – The axiom that the best defense is often a good offense is frequently true in the public policy arena. Beyond being a means to counter harmful policy initiatives, many clients have issues that can be fixed through self-initiated statutory or rule changes. Whatever the vehicle or purpose, we can assist clients in the drafting, introduction and passage of these initiatives.
For legislation, we recommend and secure the best author considering various factors, and seek alliances with other legislators and groups to garner as much support as possible prior to the bill’s introduction. Once introduced, we work to gain favorable committee, legislative and executive action on the bill.

Legislative & Regulatory Advocacy – After developing sound strategies and policy alternatives, we turn to diligent, persistent, and flexible advocacy. On legislation, frequent contacts with key legislators and their staff are needed, as well as a broader effort for the entire Legislature and other relevant players. For regulatory initiatives, a narrower but more in-depth effort is usually in order – it’s not unusual to spend years on a technical advisory committee advocating our clients’ positions. Throughout the legislative and regulatory process we assist in drafting testimony and written comments to legislative committees and agencies, as well as related support materials.

Monitoring, Analysis & Reporting – No one likes surprises. We keep clients informed of potential legislative and regulatory action and provide timely updates as developments occur. We review bills and rules at the earliest stages, often before the initiative becomes a public document. When warranted, we undertake substantive analysis to help assess the potential impacts on clients’ operations. We provide routine and as-needed client reports on all relevant initiatives.

Grassroots Support – We assist clients with grassroots tools, including education and information to support their legislative and regulatory agendas. These services include message development services such as issue papers, talking points and stakeholder mobilization, to provide a comprehensive legislative and regulatory strategy.

Congressional Relations – We have extensive experience on issues affecting business at the federal level. Our firm can enhance client efforts to impact federal issues through relations with the Wisconsin delegation, including personal contacts and issue management.

Information Services – Accurate, timely information on political and policy developments is a vital asset. Beyond issue-specific reports, The Hamilton Consulting Group has a variety of information services available to clients and colleagues, including the following:

  • Political Tidbits: Biweekly email newsletter on political and policy developments in Wisconsin.
  • In-Depth Updates: Analysis and discussion of key legislative and regulatory initiatives, and related developments.
  • News Clips: Links to Wisconsin news articles on political and policy developments.
  • Legislative Tracking Reports: Email/web service providing current status on legislative initiatives, including individual bills, budget provisions, resolutions, and Legislative Council Study Committee proposals.
  • Other resources