Gov. Evers Acts on 18 Bills, Vetoing Energy Source and Workforce Legislation

Gov. Tony Evers (D) announced August 4 that he had taken action on 18 bills passed by the Wisconsin Legislature, signing eight into law and vetoing ten others. Aside from his partial vetoes of the 2023-25 state budget, these were the first vetoes issued by Gov. Evers in 2023. The new laws, numbered 2023 Wisconsin Acts 26 through 33, were as follows:

  • Act 26: Allowing a school board member to serve as a volunteer school bus driver.
  • Act 27: Use of epinephrine delivery systems and standing orders for epinephrine.
  • Act 28: Seasonal period for farm service license endorsement.
  • Act 29: First-degree reckless homicide and providing a penalty.
  • Act 30: Ambulance assessment program supplemental reimbursements, payment of administrative costs, and making an appropriation.
  • Act 31: Public access to actions by Parole Commission.
  • Act 32: Membership in county land conservation committees.
  • Act 33: Renewals of certain credentials.

The governor’s office released a separate press release highlighting his signature of Act 26, “allowing members of school boards to serve as volunteer school bus drivers with the appropriate licensure.” Wisconsin law generally prohibits a person from holding two incompatible positions of public office or employment. Existing exceptions also allow school board members to serve as volunteer coaches and extracurricular supervisors.

Gov. Evers vetoed three bills intended to preempt local units of government from restricting utility service and the sale or use of motor vehicles and devices (such as gas-powered appliances) based on the type or source of energy used:

  • SB 49: Restricting local regulation of utility service based on the type or source of energy. Veto message
  • AB 141: Restriction on the sale or use of a device based on its energy source. Veto message
  • AB 142: Restrictions on use or sale of motor vehicles based on power source. Veto message

Gov. Evers also vetoed a series of seven bills relating to workforce development, professional credentials, and the state’s unemployment insurance program:

  • AB 147: Various changes to the unemployment insurance law and requiring approval by the Joint Committee on Finance of certain federally authorized unemployment benefits. Veto message
  • AB 149: Various changes to the unemployment insurance law. Veto message
  • AB 150: Various changes to the unemployment insurance law, federal Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment grants, and granting rule-making authority. Veto message
  • AB 151: Workforce metrics. Veto message
  • AB 152: Various changes to the unemployment insurance law and authorizing the secretary of administration to transfer employees from any executive branch agency to the Department of Workforce Development for certain purposes. Veto message
  • AB 200: Biennial report on various metrics related to the issuance of occupational credentials. Veto message
  • AB 201: Publication of credential metrics. Veto message