Assembly Floor Sessions: April 2023

April 18 (floor calendar)

The Assembly met April 18 and passed five resolutions, including recognizing Earth Day and honoring the lives and public service of former Gov. Anthony Earl and former UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank. The Assembly passed the following bills, primarily related to local government administration and the operation of miscellaneous programs:

  • AB 36: A time limit for processing sexual assault kits
  • AB 49: Disabled parking privileges on University of Wisconsin System campuses
  • AB 65: Eligibility for producer-led watershed, lake, and river protection grants
  • AB 94: Eliminating certain exceptions established for Pleasant Prairie Tax Incremental District Number 2.
  • AB 131: Membership in county land conservation committees.
  • AB 141: Restriction on the sale or use of a device based on its energy source.
  • AB 142: Restrictions on use or sale of motor vehicles based on power source.
  • SB 13: Eliminating the land recycling loan program.
  • SB 36: Modifying the Department of Tourism’s reporting duties and repealing requirements to distribute cheese, submit a financial statement, and use famous residents in marketing.
  • SB 76: Reorganizing the crimes commonly known as “carjacking” and providing a penalty.

April 25 (floor calendar)

The Assembly plans to meet April 25 to consider the following bills to reform workforce development, unemployment insurance, and eligibility for government benefits:

  • AB 146: Local guaranteed income programs.
  • AB 147: Various changes to the unemployment insurance law and requiring approval by the Joint Committee on Finance of certain federally authorized unemployment benefits.
  • AB 148: Disenrollment of ineligible individuals from and redeterminations of eligibility for the BadgerCare Plus program and database confirmation for public assistance program eligibility.
  • AB 149: Various changes to the unemployment insurance law.
  • AB 150: Various changes to the unemployment insurance law, federal Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment grants, and granting rule-making authority.
  • AB 151: Workforce metrics.
  • AB 152: Various changes to the unemployment insurance law and authorizing the secretary of administration to transfer employees from any executive branch agency to the Department of Workforce Development for certain purposes.
  • AB 153: The amount of benefits received under the unemployment insurance law.

The Assembly Committee on Rules plans to meet the afternoon of April 19 to approve this proposed calendar. Some of the bills listed above are drawn from the “Stronger Workforce” package of legislation that was supported by Republicans last session and ultimately vetoed by Gov. Evers (D).

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