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Hamilton Political Tidbits - Extraordinary Session Alert

The Wisconsin legislature passed several significant pieces of legislation in an extraordinary session that lasted from Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday morning. Read about specific items passed in the final session of 2018.

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2018 Election

Offices to be elected include one U.S. Senate seat, all eight U.S. Congressional seats, governor, attorney general, odd state Senate districts, and all state Assembly districts.

2019-2021 State Budget

The state budget process is just beginning, as 2019-21 agency budget requests were due to Gov. Scott Walker and the Department of Administration (DOA) on Monday, Sept. 17. Under Wisconsin’s biennial budget process, DOA’s State Budget Office and the Governor’s Office will review the agency requests and develop the biennial budget. The governor will then present his budget to the state legislature for its consideration in early 2019.


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Legislature Passes Extraordinary Session Bill Package

2018 Study Committees Winding Down

DOA Suspends RFPs