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Hamilton Political Tidbits - June 13, 2019

After several weeks of voting, the Joint Finance Committee has finished its work on the 2019-21 state budget. With the June 30 fiscal year deadline approaching, the Legislature's focus is mostly on the budget process. However, other happenings in the state capitol over the last few weeks include: marketplace providers legislation, Senate floor session, Supreme Court action on extraordinary session litigation, AG Kaul multistate actions, and water quality task force meetings.

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2019-2021 State Budget

The Joint Finance Committee (JFC) has wrapped up its work on the 2019-21 state budget. With an amended budget approved by JFC, the budget now goes to the full Legislature for approval before the June 30 fiscal year deadline. After budget passage in the full Legislature, the budget will go to Gov. Tony Evers, who has six days to act on the bill. The governor has the option to sign the budget, veto the entire budget, or line-item veto certain provisions.