Our Philosophy

Making Government Work for You

Alexander Hamilton best exemplifies our philosophy that we are in the business of making government work for you. Beyond being the leading advocate of the Constitution, Hamilton, as the first secretary of the Treasury, laid the groundwork for today’s economy. He believed that government can best benefit society by supporting, not burdening, commerce and industry. Few have made a comparable contribution to the substance of American government and business. Our team also understands the intricacies of how government works – and how it can work better. We have solid personal and professional relationships with state and federal officials in Wisconsin. We produce results for our clients by drawing upon these relations and using extensive policy expertise, proven political strategies, and strong advocacy.

Our Firm

Our Firm

Building a Tradition in Wisconsin

In October 2002, Hough, Fassbender, Osborne & Associates, Inc. merged with Franken Consulting and became The Hamilton Consulting Group. Initially formed by Jim Hough as J. E. Hough & Associates in 1984, the firm has earned its reputation as a problem solver. The Hamilton Consulting Group government relations professionals have broad government, corporate, and contract lobbying experience. We have worked in the legislative, administrative and executive branches of Wisconsin government, as well as in-house with leading state business associations, law firms and companies. We have degrees in law, government & international relations, political science, and engineering that are matched with years of how-to experience.

Our Work

Providing Full Legislative, Regulatory & Information Services

The Hamilton Consulting Group provides a wide range of services for our clients, recognizing that each issue poses distinctive problems and potential solutions. For example, while many government relations firms focus only on legislation, our regulatory expertise allows us to determine when an issue can best be resolved within administrative agencies. In addition, many clients do not need advocacy on the breadth of issues that may affect them, but all need timely and accurate information on such matters. Our information services, including email newsletters and client-specific updates, are unsurpassed.

Our Clients

Our Clients

Solidifying Long-term Relationships

The Hamilton Consulting Group is primarily defined by our clients and our dedication to their success. We represent leading Wisconsin companies and organizations, as well as national corporations and organizations with members having an interest in Wisconsin policy matters. For most of our clients, we were their first and only choice, and many relationships go back over 20 years. Organizations with in-house lobbyists often rely on our expertise to supplement their internal resources on complicated policy matters such as civil justice, energy, environmental, and health care policy. While not organized as a law firm, we treat confidentialities and potential conflicts of interest as we would if practicing law. We are not only sensitive to potential conflicts on distinct matters, we strive to assure our client portfolio contains businesses and associations with common objectives on general policy issues.