Governor Signs Brewers Stadium Package and 45 Other Bills, Vetoes Six

Since his last bill-signing announcement in mid-November, Gov. Evers (D) has acted on 53 bills, signing 47 into law and vetoing six others.  Per the legislative session calendar, these bills were automatically forwarded to Gov. Evers on November 30. In total, 86 new laws have been enacted so far this session. Both houses of the Wisconsin Legislature are expected to adjourn the 2023-24 session within the first few months of 2024.

On December 5, Gov. Evers announced that he had signed into law a pair of bills (Assembly Bills 438 and 439) to finance improvements to and maintenance of American Family Field. Those bills are now 2023 Wisconsin Act 40 and Act 41, respectively. As part of the deal, the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team will extend its lease at the ballpark through 2050. See this article for more information about the final version of the bill that passed both houses in November, and this article for more information about the original bills and initial negotiations.

The following day, December 6, Gov. Evers announced that he had signed another 45 bills into law and vetoed six others. The governor issued separate press releases to highlight his signing of Act 42, relating to farmland preservation agreements and tax credits, and Act 86, creating a driver education grant program. Below is a complete list of the bills signed on December 6:

  • Act 42 Farmland Preservation Agreements Farmland preservation agreements and tax credits.
  • Act 43 Title Transfer Fees Fees for certain motor vehicle certificate of title transfers.
  • Act 44 Probationary License Exemptions from the requirement that an original driver’s license be a probationary license.
  • Act 45 Temporary Plates Issuance of temporary motor vehicle operation plates and permits to dealers and providing a penalty.
  • Act 46 Utility Relocation Damages claims relating to delayed relocation of utilities in a highway right-of-way and modifying administrative rules promulgated by the Department of Transportation.
  • Act 47 Code of Military Justice Punitive articles in the Wisconsin Code of Military Justice prohibiting certain activities; procedures applicable to courts-martial cases under the Wisconsin Code of Military Justice; treatment of victims of an offense under the Wisconsin Code of Military Justice; defining military offenses under the Wisconsin Code of Military Justice; punishments for violations of the Wisconsin Code of Military Justice; and the removal of gender-specific language from the Wisconsin Code of Military Justice.
  • Act 48 Sexual assault reporting Annual reporting to the legislature of sexual harassment and assault that occurs in the Wisconsin National Guard and of changes to the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
  • Act 49 Misconduct tracking A case management system for tracking misconduct within the Wisconsin national guard.
  • Act 50 Wildlife Control Grants Eligibility for local wildlife control grants.
  • Act 51 Nuisance Wildlife Nuisance wildlife management at airports.
  • Act 52 Candidate Violation Judgments Judgments concerning a candidate’s felony violation of certain campaign finance or election fraud laws.
  • Act 53 Election Broadcasts Broadcasting election night proceedings.
  • Act 54 Absentee Ballots Timeline for sending or transmitting presidential preference primary absentee ballots.
  • Act 55 Counseling Compact Ratification of the Counseling Compact.
  • Act 56 Audiology Compact Ratification of the Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Interstate Compact, extending the time limit for emergency rule procedures, providing an exemption from emergency rule procedures, and granting rule-making authority.
  • Act 57 DOT Contact Records Emergency contact records maintained by the Department of Transportation.
  • Act 58 Sexual Assault Kits A time limit for processing sexual assault kits.
  • Act 59 Disabled Parking Disabled parking privileges on University of Wisconsin System campuses.
  • Act 60 Financial Literacy Requiring one-half credit of personal financial literacy for high school graduation.
  • Act 61 Sexual Contact Definition Definition of “sexual contact” for purposes of crimes against children and sexual assault and providing a penalty.
  • Act 62 Lake District Email Notices Authorizing email for notice of public inland lake protection and rehabilitation district board business.
  • Act 63 Snowmobile Trail Signs Signs along snowmobile trails that advertise nearby businesses.
  • Act 64 ATV’s on Highway Operation of an all-terrain vehicle or utility terrain vehicle owned by an electric cooperative on a highway.
  • Act 65 Dam Removal Financial assistance limits for dam removal.
  • Act 66 Habitat Work Plan Department of Natural Resources habitat work plan.
  • Act 67 ATV Maps Software, communications equipment, and maps for nonprofit organizations that promote the operation of all-terrain and utility terrain vehicles.
  • Act 68 Care Management Organizations County of residence for care management organization facility placements.
  • Act 69 Desert Storm Highway Designating and marking the Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield Memorial Highway.
  • Act 70 Council on Veterans Programs Members of the Council on Veterans Programs.
  • Act 71 Prescription Drugs 100-day prescription drug supplies under SeniorCare and amending an administrative rule related to 100-day prescription drug supplies permitted under SeniorCare.
  • Act 72 Recovery High Schools A grant program for recovery high schools and making an appropriation.
  • Act 73 DOR Enforcement Department of Revenue enforcement and providing a penalty.
  • Act 74 Tribal Welcome Signs Tribal nation welcome signs.
  • Act 75 Food Delivery Third-party food delivery services and providing a penalty.
  • Act 76 Refrigerants Restrictions on use of certain refrigerants.
  • Act 77 Broadband Grants The broadband expansion grant program.
  • Act 78 Electronic Communications Permitted electronic transmissions under employer-sponsored health insurance policies and plans.
  • Act 79 Infant Safety Devices Newborn infant safety devices under the safe haven law.
  • Act 80 Wisconsin Grants Wisconsin grants and other financial aid for higher education.
  • Act 81 PA Licensure Ratification of the PA Licensure Compact.
  • Act 82 Hearing Aids Practice of fitting and dealing in hearing aids, certification of hearing instrument specialists to engage in cerumen management, and granting rule-making authority.
  • Act 83 Medical Assistance Repair of complex rehabilitation technology under the Medical Assistance program.
  • Act 84 Cremation Permit Creation of a cremation permit application form.
  • Act 85 Suicide Prevention Programming Grants for suicide prevention programming. Signed
  • Act 86 Driver Ed Grants A driver education grant program.

Also on December 6, Gov. Evers vetoed six bills and issued a separate press release highlighting his veto of AB 465:

  • AB 57 Dismissing Criminal Charges Dismissing or amending certain criminal charges and deferred prosecution agreements for certain crimes. Veto message
  • AB 146 Guaranteed Income Programs Local guaranteed income programs. Veto message
  • AB 396 Voter List Fees Fees for obtaining the official voter registration list. Veto message
  • AB 465 Gender Transition Prohibiting gender transition medical intervention for individuals under 18 years of age. Veto message
  • AB 494 Indefinitely Confined Voter Status as an indefinitely confined voter for purposes of automatically receiving absentee ballots and providing a penalty. Veto message
  • SB 98 Citizenship Verification Verifying citizenship of individuals on the official voter registration list and contents of operator’s licenses and identification cards. Veto message

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