Hamilton Political Tidbits – April 19, 2023

Political Tidbits - April 19, 2023
April 19, 2023
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Bits & Pieces:

  • Sheriffs Support Emergency Detention Reform: Wisconsin Sheriffs Joel Wener and Brett Semingson were interviewed by WEAU about reforming the “emergency detention” process in Wisconsin, which often requires law enforcement to transport people hundreds of miles across the state to the Winnebago Mental Health Institute in Oshkosh. Recently, Sheriffs Wener and Semingson testified before the Assembly Committee on Mental Health and Substance Abuse Prevention about the need for regional crisis facilities as a more humane and cost-effective process for treating individuals experiencing a mental health crisis.

  • Water Quality Clearinghouse: The Department of Natural Resources announced the launch of the Wisconsin Water Quality Trading Clearinghouse, which allows landowners, businesses, and wastewater facilities to trade credits for preventing pollution from entering surface water. Buyers and sellers of water quality credits can conduct transactions through the online platform. For example, a farmer may allow a field to go to native vegetation rather than planting crops, thereby keeping phosphorous on the field. A wastewater facility that is required to reduce its phosphorous discharges can offset that requirement by buying credits from the farmer.

  • Governor Announces Clean Economy Coalition: Gov. Evers recently announced the launch of the Clean Economy Coalition of Wisconsin (CECW), “a broad-based group of climate, energy, environmental justice, and conservation organizations, businesses, and allies in Milwaukee.” The group’s policy agenda for 2023 covers health, environmental justice, carbon-free power, home and building repair, landscapes, and transportation. Founding members of the coalition include Action for the Climate Emergency, Audubon Great Lakes, Clean Wisconsin, Elevate, The Nature Conservancy, RENEW Wisconsin, Sierra Club Wisconsin Chapter, Slipstream, Wisconsin Conservation Voters, Walnut Way Conservation, Wisconsin Health Professionals for Climate Action, and Wisconsin Land and Water Conservation Association.
Gov. Evers Signs First Acts of 2023-24 Session
In April, Gov. Tony Evers signed the first four laws of the 2023-24 legislative session as 2023 Wisconsin Acts 1 through 4. So far, the governor has not issued any vetoes this session.

Assembly Floor Sessions: April 2023
The Assembly met April 18 and passed five resolutions and ten bills. The Assembly plans to meet April 25 to consider eight bills to reform workforce development, unemployment insurance, and eligibility for government benefits.

Senate Floor Session: April 19
The Senate will meet April 19 to vote on bills, resolutions, and executive appointments. The Senate will vote on two agency heads appointed by Gov. Evers and 25 other appointees to several professional examining boards, the Wisconsin Technical College System board, and various other regulatory and advisory bodies.

Tracking the Senate Confirmation Process for the Evers Administration Cabinet
In a January interview, Senate Majority Leader LeMahieu said that the Senate would work to hold confirmation hearings on department secretaries and other agency heads appointed by Gov. Evers. During Gov. Evers’ first term, the Senate chose not to take confirmation votes on about 185 of the governor’s appointments, including many cabinet positions.

Issue Update: 2023-25 State Budget
For updates on the 2023-25 state budget in Wisconsin, the Hamilton Consulting Group maintains an issue update page providing comprehensive coverage of the budget process.

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