Gov. Evers Delivers Second State of the State Address

Gov. Tony Evers gave his second State of the State address on Jan. 22. In his speech, the Governor highlighted what he saw as successes in 2019, including several bipartisan bills signed into law, creation of a task force on climate change, and investments in transportation, education, and a middle class tax cut in the state budget.

Gov. Evers’s speech announced two big-ticket items the Governor hopes to accomplish in 2020. First, Evers announced he will call the Legislature into special session next week on legislation relating to farmers, agricultural industries, and our rural communities. Second, Evers announced the creation of a nonpartisan redistricting commission to develop maps to present to the Legislature next year. Evers released Executive Order #66, establishing the “People’s Maps Commission” on Jan. 27.

Addressing many of the same issues laid out in his “Legislative Homework” letter earlier this month, Evers noted he hopes the Legislature can address PFAS, “dark stores,” insulin costs, and youth vaping this session.


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