WEDA Members Named to Legislative Study Committee

Legislative Council, a nonpartisan legislative service has announced the legislative study committees and symposiums, which will meet throughout the summer with both legislators and citizens serving on the committee.

Mike Harrigan and Peter Thillman, both members of the Wisconsin Economic Development Association were named to the Legislative Council Study Committee on the Review of Tax Incremental Financing. The committee, chaired by Senator Gudex, with Vice-Chair Representative Loudenbeck, will study the intent behind tax incremental financing (TIF) laws and how they’re utilized by municipalities and counties. The Committee will also recommend legislation for improving the effectiveness of TIF laws. Other members of the committee include:


Senator Jauch

Representative Kuglitsch

Representative Ohnstad

Representative Zepnick 

Public Members

Jennifer Andrews, Waukesha City Planner

Eileen Kelley, Madison City Planner

John Kovari, UW-La Crosse Assistant Professor

Richard Lincoln, Mandel Group

David Rasmussen, Rice Lake Senior Planner

Brian Ruechel, Robert W. Baird & Co.

Jason Serck, City of Superior

Mike Slavish, Hovde Properties

Thomas Wilson, Waunakee Administrator

Hal Wortman, City of Fond Du Lac


Other study committees include:

Study Committee on Adoption Disruption and Dissolution

Chair: Representative Kleefisch (R)

Vice Chair: Representative Kessler (D)

Committee will study the extent of adoption disruption and dissolution in Wisconsin, the efforts in Wisconsin to prevent it, and meeting the needs of adoptive children and parents if dissolution occurs.

Study Committee on Problem-Solving Courts, Alternatives, and Diversions

Chair: Representative Bies (R)

Vice-Chair: Representative Goyke (D)

Committee will review the 50+ courts in Wisconsin that use nontraditional adjudication methods, the effect they have on recidivism, and the net fiscal impact of these courts. Courts that will be examined: veteran’s courts, drug and alcohol courts, mental health courts, and drunk driving courts.

Study Committee on the Review of Criminal Penalties

Chair: Representative Hutton (R)

Vice-Chair: Senator Fred Risser (D)

Committee will review the penalties for misdemeanor and low-level felony offenses.

Study Committee on the Review of Tax Incremental Financing

Chair: Senator Gudex (R)

Vice-Chair: Representative Loudenbeck (R)

Committee will study the intent behind tax incremental financing (TIF) laws and how TIF laws are utilized by cities, villages, towns, and counties. The committee will also recommend legislation for improving the effectiveness of such laws.

Study Committee on the Review of Wisconsin Technical College System Funding and Governance

Chair: Representative Nygren (R)

Vice-Chair: Senator Harsdorf (R)

Committee will review the governance model of the Wisconsin Technical College System, and examine the current funding model for the System with a preference toward reassigning current local property tax revenue to a broader state tax source.

Study Committee on the Student Achievement Guarantee in Education (SAGE) Programs

Chair: Senator Olsen (R)

Vice-Chair: Representative Czaja (R)

Committee will study the SAGE program; whether there are alternatives to current class size limitations, and whether DPI should be authorized to waive class size limitations.

Study Committee on Transfer of Structured Settlement Payments

Chair: Representative Ott (R)

Vice-Chair: Representative Wachs (D)

Committee will study the current method of transferring structured settlement payments, and make recommendations for state statutes.

Steering Committee for Personal Property Tax

Chair: Representative Stroebel (R)

Vice-Chair: Senator Tiffany (R)

The Steering Committee will study the fiscal effect of the personal property tax and personal property tax exemptions, constitutional concerns of personal property tax reform, and shall develop recommendations.

Study Committee for Supporting Healthy Early Brain Development

Chair: Representative Ballweg (R)

Vice-Chair: Senator Darling (R)

The Steering Committee will conduct information symposia on: research on the impact of early brain development; policy initiatives in other states that positively influence early brain development; and initiatives currently in place in Wisconsin.

Special Committee on State-Tribal Relations

Chair: Representative Mursau (R)

Vice-Chair: Senator Vinehout (D)

The committee will study issues relating to American Indians and the American Indian tribes and bands in Wisconsin, and develop specific recommendations and legislative proposals.