Statewide Elections: April 4

On Tuesday, April 4, a series of state races will be on the ballot for Wisconsin voters to determine. Most notably, Wisconsin’s race for State Superintendent of Public Instruction places incumbent Tony Evers against Lowell Holtz, former superintendent from the Whitnall School District who advocates for school choice programs. Evers has held the position since 2009. The primary for the race was held on Tuesday, Feb. 21.

Also of note, no challenger filed to run against Supreme Court Justice Annette Ziegler, whose Wisconsin Supreme Court seat is also on the April 4 ballot. She will run unopposed for her second 10-year term after no other candidate filed the necessary campaign paperwork by the Jan. 3, 2017 deadline. Her assured victory will allow conservatives to maintain a 5-2 majority. Finally, several local races will be decided through the April 4 ballot.