Senate and Assembly In Session Next Week

After passing over potential floor dates in September in the wake of budget and Foxconn negotiations, the Senate and Assembly are set to be on the floor again next week. The Assembly will be in session on Thursday, Nov. 2, and Thursday, Nov. 9. Assembly members were also told to keep Tuesday, Nov. 7, open for a potential session day. The Senate is scheduled to meet Tuesday, Oct. 31, and Tuesday, Nov. 7.

Calendars have yet to be set by the Assembly Rules and Senate Organization committees. Committees have been hard at work over the last few weeks with quick deadlines for exec-ing bills to get them on next week’s calendars. Neither the Senate or Assembly are expected to meet more than a handful of times in the remainder of 2017. Further, there is talk of wrapping up session as soon as possible in 2018 so that legislators can focus on their districts in what could be a tumultuous midterm. Getting bills in the queue for next week – or the few session days left of 2017 – will be crucial, because once the new year begins every bill gets a little tougher to pass.



  • Board of Agriculture Trans and Consumer Protect: Paul Bauer, Andrew Diercks, Miranda Leis
  • Board of Regents of the UW System: Ryan Ring
  • Board of Trustees of the Medical College of Wisconsin: Ted Kellner
  • Credit Union Review Board: Colleen Woggon
  • Examining Board of Architects, Landscape Architects, Professional Engineers, Designers and Land Surveyors: Kristine Cotharn, Joseph Frasch, Steven Wagner
  • Kickapoo Reserve Management Board: William Quackenbush
  • Livestock Facility Siting Review Board: Lee Engelbrecht, Scott Godfrey
  • Natural Resources Board: William Bruins, Terry Hilgenberg, Gregory Kazierski
  • Public Defender Board: Hon. Patrick Fiedler
  • Real Estate Examining Board: Thomas Richie
  • Snowmobile Recreational Council: Samuel Landes, Robert Lang, Andrew Malecki, David Newman
  • Southeast Wisconsin Professional Baseball Park District Board: Thomas Schreibel
  • State Fair Park Board: Jayme Buttke
  • State of Wisconsin Investment Board: Timothy Sheehy
  • Wastes Facilities Siting Board: Dale Shaver
  • Wisconsin 529 College Savings Program Board: Sen. Alberta Darling, Rep. Rob Kreibich, Kimberly Shaul
  • Wisconsin Technical College System Board: John Schwantes, Stephen Willett
  • Wisconsin Waterways Commission: Ralph Brzezinksi


SJR-070 Secretary Kitty Rhoades (Harsdorf, Sheila) Honoring the life and public service of Secretary Kitty Rhoades.

SJR-072 Melvin Robert Laird (Testin, Patrick) The life and public service of Melvin Robert Laird.

SJR-079 Domestic Violence Awareness Month (Taylor, Lena) Proclaiming October as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

AJR-044 Public Service of Esther Kolb Walling (Rohrkaste, Michael) The life and public service of Esther Kolb Walling.

AJR-072 Packers Hall of Fame Anniversary (Steffen, David) Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame, Inc., and declaring October 21, 2017, Packers Hall of Fame Day.

AJR-075 Mental Health Week (Tittl, Paul) Designating the first week of October as Mental Health Illness Awareness Week in Wisconsin.

Senate Bills:

SB-048 Lead Service Lines (Cowles, Rob) Lead service line replacements.

SB-075 Corporate Tax Credit (Feyen, Daniel) Creating a corporate income and franchise tax credit for amounts contributed by an employer into an employee’s college savings account.

SB-128 Court Commissioner Search Warrants (Wanggaard, Van) Allowing court commissioners to issue search warrants for certain civil violations.

SB-132 Regulating Professional Credentials (Darling, Alberta) Regulating the use of certain professional credentials and providing a criminal penalty.

SB-177 Drainage Districts (Wanggaard, Van) Drainage districts and regulating the removal of material from certain drainage districts.

SB-186 Milwaukee High-Wide Route (Craig, David) The Milwaukee County high-wide route.

SB-202 Underage Alcohol Prohibition (Wanggaard, Van) The prohibition against adults knowingly permitting or failing to take action to prevent the illegal consumption of alcohol beverages by underage persons.

SB-220 Outdated Tourism Rules (Olsen, Luther) Outdated rules of the Department of Tourism and the Arts Board.

SB-221 Job Access Loan Eligibility (Kapenga, Chris) Eligibility for a job access loan to repair or purchase a vehicle.

SB-224 Veteran Farmer Assistance (Testin, Patrick) Establishing a veterans farmer assistance and outreach program and creating a veterans farmer logotype.

SB-230 Burial of Deceased Inmate (Wanggaard, Van) Burial or cremation and burial of a deceased prison inmate, cremation of an unclaimed corpse, and prohibition on cremation of an unclaimed corpse in cases of homicide.

SB-236 Competitive Bidding Threshold (Stroebel, Duey) Competitive bidding thresholds and requiring school districts to utilize competitive bidding.

SB-238 EMT Training Funding (Harsdorf, Sheila) Funding for first responder and emergency medical technician training and certification and making an appropriation.

SB-239 Rural Ambulance Service Upgrades (Harsdorf, Sheila) Upgrading service levels for ambulances in rural areas.

SB-246 Scrap Dealer Vehicle Acquisition (Petrowski, Jerry) Acquisition of a motor vehicle by scrap metal dealers and motor vehicle salvage dealers.

SB-253 Prohibiting Aiding Sexual Abuse (Olsen, Luther) Prohibiting aiding and abetting sexual abuse.

SB-258 Dental Patient Records (Wanggaard, Van) Preserving and transferring dental patient health care records, contracts for practicing dentistry or dental hygiene, and granting rule-making authority.

SB-274 Life Insurance Benefits (Craig, David) Life insurance and annuity benefits.

SB-299 Montessori Teaching License (Olsen, Luther) An initial teaching license based on completion of a Montessori teacher education program.

SB-300 Soliciting Explicit Photos (Wanggaard, Van) Soliciting an intimate representation from a minor and providing a criminal penalty.

SB-301 Summer School Classes (Olsen, Luther) Summer school and interim session classes.

SB-308 Patronizing a Prostitute (Feyen, Daniel) Patronizing a prostitute and providing a criminal penalty.

SB-319 Health Insurance Reports (Kapenga, Chris) Social and financial impact reports on health insurance mandates.

SB-339 Huber Release (Feyen, Daniel) Huber release for probationers confined in a county jail or county house of correction pending disposition of revocation proceedings.

SB-360 First Responder License Plates (Marklein, Howard) Special registration plate fees for fire fighter, rescue squad member, and emergency medical technicians and first responder special registration plates.

SB-382 School Employee Tuberculosis Screening (Olsen, Luther) Screening school district employees for tuberculosis.

SB-390 Family Treatment Court (Darling, Alberta) Creating family treatment court and juvenile treatment court grant programs in the Department of Children and Families.

SB-392 ATV/UTV in Municipality (Marklein, Howard) Municipal ordinances authorizing all-terrain vehicle and utility terrain vehicle operation on highways within the municipality.

SB-396 Child Patronization (LeMahieu, Devin) Patronization of a child and providing a criminal penalty.

SB-399 Unemployment Insurance Law (Nass, Stephen) Various changes to the unemployment insurance law and making an appropriation.

SB-407 College Credit Transfers (Feyen, Daniel) Transfer policies for college credit earned by high school pupils.

SB-417 Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (Marklein, Howard) Ratification of the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact, extending the time limit for emergency rule procedures, and providing an exemption from emergency rule procedures.

SB-420 Child Labor Permits (Marklein, Howard) Child labor permits.

SB-421 Park Water Infrastructure (Cowles, Rob) Amounts obligated under the Warren Knowles-Gaylord Nelson Stewardship 2000 Program for water infrastructure projects in state parks.

SB-430 Dwelling Code Compliance (Lasee, Frank) The responsibility to comply with the one-family and two-family dwelling code for a manufactured home owners.

SB-453 Appraisal Management Companies (Craig, David) Regulation of appraisal management companies, providing an exemption from emergency rule procedures, granting rule-making authority, and providing a criminal penalty.

SB-455 Real Estate Practice (Lasee, Frank) Various changes regarding the law governing real estate practice and the licensure of real estate brokers and salespersons and granting rule-making authority.

Assembly Bills:

AB-060 Engineer Job Title (Weatherston, Thomas) An employee in the classified service representing himself or herself as an engineer.

AB-096 Epinephrine Auto-Injector Use (Jacque, Andre) Supply and use of epinephrine auto-injectors by certain authorized individuals.

AB-138 Safe-Ride Grant Program (Pronschinske, Treig) The safe-ride grant program.

AB-151 Community Paramedics (Loudenbeck, Amy) Community paramedics, community emergency medical technicians, community emergency medical services providers, and services provided by emergency medical technicians.

AB-205 State Property Leases (Hutton, Rob) State leases for real property.

AB-226 Contaminated Well Remediation Assistance (Kitchens, Joel) Local assistance for remediating contaminated wells and failing wastewater treatment systems and award limits for contaminated well grants.

AB-229 Surplus Money Investment (Katsma, Terry) Investment of surplus money by local units of government.

AB-234 Interagency Council on Homelessness (Steineke, Jim) Creating an Interagency Council on Homelessness and making an appropriation.

AB-236 Housing Choice Voucher Waiting Lists (Pronschinske, Treig) Waiting lists for housing choice vouchers.

AB-250 Alternative Education Grants (Assembly Education Committee) Alternative education grants.

AB-251 DPI Grant Programs (Assembly Education Committee) Modifying rules related to various grant programs administered by the Department of Instruction.

AB-253 Foreclosed Property Sale (Ballweg, Joan) Procedures related to a sale of foreclosed property by a sheriff or referee.

AB-266 Technical Excellence Scholarship Program (Krug, Scott) Eligibility for the Technical Excellence Higher Education Scholarship Program.

AB-280 Financial Literacy in Schools (Krug, Scott) Incorporating financial literacy into the curriculum of public schools.

AB-283 Savings Promotion Prize Programs (Stafsholt, Robert) Authorizing financial institutions to conduct savings promotion prize programs.

AB-323 Woodchuck Season (Jacque, Andre) Requiring an open season for woodchucks.

AB-335 Fentanyl Analogs (Kleefisch, Joel) Fentanyl analogs and providing a criminal penalty.

AB-345 DOC Inmate Work Release (Schraa, Michael) Work release for inmates in Department of Corrections contracted facilities.



AJR-077 Commending Oshkosh Corp. (Hintz, Gordon) Commending Oshkosh Corporation on its 100th anniversary.

AJR-076 ABC Apprenticeship Program (Murphy, Dave) Honoring the 30th anniversary of the ABC apprenticeship program.

AJR-080 White Cane Day (Steffen, David) Proclaiming October 15, 2017, as White Cane Safety Day.

AB-128 Group Insurance Board Prohibition (Jacque, Andre) Prohibiting the group insurance board from contracting for or providing abortion services.

AB-201 Traffic Violations Requiring Suspension (Brandtjen, Janel) Traffic violations requiring operating privilege suspension and attendance at a vehicle right-of-way course, increasing penalties for numerous traffic violations, and providing a penalty.

AB-246 Drainage Districts (Sanfelippo, Joe) Drainage districts and regulating the removal of material from certain drainage districts.

AB-261 Milwaukee High-Wide Route (Sanfelippo, Joe) The Milwaukee County high-wide route.

AB-314 Hunting from a Mechanized Lift (Spiros, John) Authorizing hunting from a mechanized lift attached to a motor vehicle.

AB-399 Lower St. Croix Zoning (Jarchow, Adam) Zoning ordinances in the Lower St. Croix riverway.

AB-416 Animal Protection Surcharge (Edming, James) A higher wild animal protection surcharge for the unlawful taking of deer.

AB-432 Nurse Aid Instruction (Petryk, Warren) Hours of instructional program for nurse aids.

AB-441 Sturgeon Spearing (Murphy, Dave) Issuance of sturgeon spearing licenses via raffle by Sturgeon for Tomorrow, Inc. organization.

AB-442 ATV Route Signage (Jacque, Andre) All-terrain vehicle route signage.

AB-444 Hospice Drug Disposal (Ballweg, Joan) Hospice staff transferring the controlled substances of deceased persons to drug disposal programs.

AB-450 Ozaukee County Alcohol Sales (Brooks, Robert) Retail sales of alcohol beverages at the Ozaukee County fairgrounds.

AB-455 Hunting Mentorship (Stafsholt, Robert) Age and hunting restrictions applicable to the hunting mentorship program.

AB-464 Pole Traps (Edming, James) The maximum height of pole traps.

AB-477 Large Area School Districts (Mursau, Jeffrey) Supplemental aid for school districts with a large area.

AB-484 Sanitary Commissioner Residency (Swearingen, Robert) Changing the residency requirement for town sanitary district commissioners.

AB-490 Veteran Hunting License Fees (Skowronski, Ken) Resident deer hunting license, archer hunting license, and crossbow hunting license fees imposed for a veterans who is 70 years of age or older.

AB-491 Fishing License Fees (Duchow, Cindi) The fee for a first-time annual fishing license for residents who are 16 or 17 years old or who are 65 years old or older.

AB-494 Official Receive Items of Value (August, Tyler) Allowing local public officials to receive anything of value that the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation or the Department of Tourism is authorized to provide.

AB-499 Nonferrous Mining (Hutton, Rob) The regulation of nonferrous metallic mining, prospecting, exploration, and bulk sampling, repealing administrative rules relating to wetlands, granting rule-making authority, and making an appropriation.

AB-500 Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (VanderMeer, Nancy) Ratification of the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact, extending the time limit for emergency rule procedures, and providing an exemption from emergency rule procedures.

AB-528 Antlerless Deer Hunting (Bernier, Kathy) Restrictions on the hunting of antlerless deer by members of a group hunting party.

AB-529 Medical Assistance (Nygren, John) Requirements for certain services covered under the Medical Assistance program.

AB-532 PSC Authority (Kuglitsch, Mike) One-call system enforcement and other requirements, Public Service Commission authority regarding state energy policy, settlements between parties in Public Service Commission dockets, various public utility regulatory requirements, the regulation of utility facilities under a county construction site erosion control and storm water management zoning ordinance, granting rule-making authority, and providing a penalty.

AB-288 Job Access Loan Eligibility (Stuck, Amanda) Eligibility for a job access loan to repair or purchase a vehicle.

AB-461 Hunting Approvals (Milroy, Nick) Hunting approvals issued to certain terminally ill individuals.

SB-099 Grobschmidt Memorial Bridge (Darling, Alberta) Designating and marking the Richard A. Grobschmidt Memorial Bridge.

SB-225 Hunting/Trapping Season End Date (Moulton, Terry) A uniform end date for certain open hunting and trapping seasons.

SB-248 Ginseng as State Herb (Petrowski, Jerry) Designating ginseng as the state herb.

SB-285 Shareholder Meetings (Kapenga, Chris) Shareholders’ meetings of business corporations.