On Last Day JFC Will Take Up Medical Assistance, K-12 Education & Taxes

The Joint Finance Committee will convene on Tuesday, June 4 at 10 a.m. to vote on the remaining budget items – medical assistance, K-12 education & taxes.

The Legislative Fiscal Bureau has prepared papers on the following budget items for JFC’s consideration:

Health Services — Medical Assistance and Related Programs
MA Cost-to-Continue Reestimate
BadgerCare Plus — Eligibility
Comprehensive Community Services
SeniorCare Base Reestimate
Estate Recovery
Medical Assistance Purchase Plan
Family Care Expansion to Northeast Wisconsin
MA Quarterly Reports
ACA and BadgerCare Eligibility Changes — Administration

General Fund Taxes — Income and Franchise Taxes
Income Tax Rate Reduction
Angel Investment Tax Credit — Eliminate Maximum Credit Limit
Veterans and Surviving Spouses Property Tax Credit
Earned Income Tax Credit
Illinois – Wisconsin Reciprocity
Internal Revenue Code Update
Economic Development Tax Credit — Maximum Total Credit Limit
Jobs Tax Credit
Enterprise Zone Tax Credits
Dairy Manufacturing Facility Tax Credit — Cooperatives

The K-12 funding items were held over from a previous day, so the fiscal bureau’s papers do not reflect the current policies on the table, but still provide useful background information.

Tune in to WisconsinEye for live coverage of the hearing and visit their video archive for video of all JFC hearings.

At the end of the JFC budget process, all JFC modifications to the Governor’s bill are incorporated in a Substitute Amendment and sent to the full Legislature for floor votes in each house. The Legislature is expected to take the bill up in mid-June and send their final product to the Governor by the end of the month. The Governor generally completes veto review within 30 days of receiving the bill before signing it into law.