Marquette Law School October Poll Released

On Oct. 24, Marquette University (MU) Law School released its latest poll. In contrast to its usual compilation of interviews statewide, this poll focused on residents of Milwaukee and surrounding counties.

Survey respondents had mixed opinions when asked about the Foxconn plant for which the legislature approved a tax incentive package in September. 38 percent of respondents said Foxconn will provide enough benefit to the state to be worth the up to $3 billion in tax credits approved by the legislature. On the other hand, 48 percent said the state is paying more than the plant is worth.

29 percent of respondents said their family will directly benefit from the plant, while 65 percent disagreed. However, 54 percent said Foxconn will substantially improve the economy of the larger area, and only 37 percent disagreed.

Overall, 53 percent said the Wisconsin state legislature responds fairly to community problems, while 38 percent said the legislature treats their community unfairly.


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