JFC May Vote Soon on Long-Term Care Reforms

The Joint Committee on Finance (JFC) is considering a Department of Health Services’ (DHS) proposal to reform long-term care services in Wisconsin, otherwise referred to as FamilyCare 2.0. The reforms to expand such services statewide and to integrate personal care with health care will, according to DHS, save at least $300 million over the next six years compared to the current program.

The 2015-2017 state budget act directs DHS to seek implementation of a variety of reforms to the state’s long-term care program which provides personal and health care services to adults with disabilities and elderly citizens in need of services. The reforms will expand provision of services statewide and seek to better coordinate personal care and health care services for this vulnerable population.

The agency has submitted a concept paper outlining its reform plans to JFC which must vote to approve the concept paper before the agency is allowed to seek formal approval of the federal government for implementation of these reforms. No date for a vote has yet been set, but the Alliance of Health Insurers has urged JFC vote before the end of May to approve DHS’ concept paper outlining the proposed creation of a new integrated care and service model.