Inattentive Driving Bill Passed

A bill which amends the current Inattentive Driving statutes was passed by the Senate this week. The new bill specifies no person while driving a motor vehicle, other than an authorized emergency vehicle, a commercial motor vehicle, or a tow truck, may operate or be in a position to directly observe any electronic device located within the vehicle that is activated and that is providing entertainment primarily by visual means. The bill contains an exemption for the following devices:

  • Any global position system (GPS) device.
  • The display by any device of information related to the operation, condition, radio, or safety of the vehicle or that is intended to be used to enhance the driver’s view forward, behind, or to the sides of a motor vehicle. 
  • The display by any device of information related to traffic, road, or weather conditions.
  • Any device in a vehicle that permits the vehicle driver to monitor vehicle occupants seated rearward of the driver.
  • And “split view” technology, which allows the passenger to view a screen installed on the dash of the vehicle which cannot be viewed by the driver.

The bill now heads to Governor Walker’s desk to await signature.