Floor Report: Senate Approves Step Therapy, E-Scooters

The Senate met for floor votes on June 5, taking up a number of issues including drug step therapy protocols, electric scooters, and abortion-related bills. The Assembly plans to meet next on June 18 and June 20.  Budget votes in the Senate or Assembly will also likely take place later this month, as the 2019-21 state budget is due June 30.

The Senate passed SB 26, related to drug step therapy protocols, via voice vote. Under the bill, insurers must establish protocols for making exceptions to step therapy and base their protocols on certain criteria specified in the bill. The Alliance of Health Insurers and other insurance groups worked with the authors on a compromise substitute amendment, which the Senate approved. Author Sen. Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) said the legislation is a win for patients, doctors and insurers because it will lead to better patient outcomes. The Assembly plans to vote on the bill on June 18.

The Senate also passed SB 152, related to electric scooters. The bill would define electric foot scooters and authorize electric foot scooters on most roadways, sidewalks, and bike lanes. However, local highway authorities may enact ordinances regulating rental and operation of electric foot scooters. The Senate approved an amendment to the bill exempting electric bicycles from the definition of electric foot scooters.

The Senate also approved four bills related to abortion that passed the Assembly in May. Gov. Tony Evers has indicated he will veto the bills.

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