Final Poll Results: Walker Leads by 7

Tidbits was skeptical two weeks ago when the Marquette University Law School poll results showed Walker and Burke all tied up.

In the final poll before Tuesday’s election the results seem to be more indicative of where insiders perceive the race to be heading: toward a Walker victory.

While we expect it to be closer than the poll’s 7 point margin (50-43) amongst likely voters, the trend in all the polling we’ve seen seems to show Walker heading toward reelection. 

In the latest poll, there was a sweeping shift amongst independents who now support Walker by a margin of 52-37%.  These results mirror the numbers from Walker’s 50-45 Marquette likely voter poll advantage from 4 weeks ago.

The momentum in the final month seems to be on Walker’s side with Burke’s candidacy damaged by the plagiarism allegations in September, and the final October surprise – front page headlines across the state saying she had been fired by Trek. The claim, which Burke has denied and credited to partisans, was surprisingly prominent in the campaign’s waning days.

Regardless of whether or not the headlines were fair, they do appear to be the final nail in the coffin (it is Halloween…) for the Burke campaign.