Assembly Republicans Lay Out Issue Areas for Potential Compromise With Evers

On Jan. 10, Assembly Republicans sent Gov. Tony Evers a letter laying out several issue areas on which they hope to work with the Democratic governor in the 2019-20 session. The list includes several items Evers discussed during his campaign. Assembly Republicans hope to work with Evers on:

  • Income tax reductions.
  • Enhancing high speed internet access. The letter states that legislation enabling 5G rates and expanding rural broadband is a high priority for Assembly Republicans.
  • Pre-existing conditions coverage. The letter states that Assembly Republicans intend pre-existing conditions coverage protections to be the first bill passed in 2019.
  • K-12 education funding.
  • Expanding Senior care to cover flu shots.
  • Preventing homelessness.
  • Transportation funding. Specifically, the letter states that Assembly Republicans want to work with Evers on addressing the transportation debt level.
  • Childcare affordability.
  • Clean water. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) has also called for a Water Quality Task Force this session.
  • Assembly Republicans state that a review is necessary to determine how to reduce costs and effectively manage buildings owned by the state.
  • Attracting qualified employees. The letter mentions attracting new talent in both the public and private sectors.