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Hamilton Political Tidbits - July 21, 2017

Deal or no deal? Three weeks after the fiscal year deadline, the Senate and Assembly are still negotiating a budget agreement. When do you think the budget will be finished? Vote in our Twitter poll and tweet us your best guess @HCG500. Read about the latest budget news in this edition of Tidbits. Plus, Gov. Walker signs special session bills, right-to-work is upheld, and more!

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2017 - 2019 State Budget

Where are we in the budget process?

The completion of the 2017-19 Wisconsin biennial budget remains in limbo. The new fiscal year started on July 1, and with no new budget, the state continues to operate under last fiscal year’s budget. The Joint Committee on Finance (JFC) last met on June 15, and has not set another meeting date to take up the final issue sets in the budget – including three big items: k-12 education, taxes and transportation.

Read our latest blog posts on the upcoming state budget.


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Deal or No Deal?

How Late Is This Year’s Budget? A 40-Year Comparison of Budget Enactment Dates

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