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Political Tidbits - May 12, 2017

JFC efficiently wrapped up their second week of budget votes, but with the lingering debate on the transportation budget, many are predicting a long summer. In this week’s Tidbits, we summarize JFC’s actions to date, provide an overview of the Assembly GOP’s transportation proposal and the recent comments from the JFC co-chairs on the governor’s self-insurance proposal. Meanwhile, legislators have been debating various bills on the Senate and Assembly floors and in committees. Included in this edition is a full floor report and a focus on two bills: the REINS Act and clinician training grants. Keep reading about WRWA at the annual Municipal Government and Utility Day at the capitol.

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2017 - 2019 State Budget

Where are we in the budget process?

The Joint Finance Committee (JFC) began budget votes on May 1. The committee will hold executive sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays in May and June until their work is finished. As with previous years, JFC is taking up the less controversial, smaller budget items first and will save the big items – transportation, education and Medicaid – for last.

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