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Hamilton Political Tidbits - April 28, 2017

In Wisconsin, April showers bring May flowers...and Joint Finance Committee budget votes. This Tidbits covers the last of JFC's public hearings and previews potential sticking points in the budget as the committee begins voting on May 1. Also in this issue, the Senate and Assembly hold hearings on the last of the special session bills and Gov. Walker signs two notable bills. This week's edition of Bills of Note features the prevailing wage repeal bill and delivery drones. All this and more below!

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2017 - 2019 State Budget

Where are we in the budget process?

The Joint Finance Committee (JFC) held agency briefings March 28-30. Public hearings were held across the state in April. Executive sessions will be held twice a week throughout May, starting on May 1.

Read our latest blog postsĀ on the upcoming state budget.


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JFC to Begin Taking Budget Votes Monday, May 1

JFC Finishes Public Hearings

Bills of Note: Prevailing Wage Repeal