News Clips - Utilities & Energy

WEC Energy Group increasing renewable investment by $1.9 billion

Milwaukee Business News, November 1, 2022

Rally held to oppose proposed We Energies rate hike

Spectrum News 1, October 16, 2022

Wisconsin regulators end final pandemic measures

Wisconsin State Journal, October 13, 2022

Wisconsin utilities brace for potential fallout of rail strike

Wisconsin State Journal, September 14, 2022

As gasoline prices drop, electricity and some heating costs rise

The Wall Street Journal, September 13, 2022

Russia confounds the West by recapturing its oil riches

The Wall Street Journal, August 29, 2022

$9 natural gas is back

The Wall Street Journal, August 16, 2022

Xcel Energy seeking to raise ’23 electric rates as fuel costs rise

Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, August 15, 2022

Wisconsin utilities delay coal plant closures

Wisconsin Public Radio, August 3, 2022