WMC Releases “Back to Business” Plan to Reopen Economy

Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce last week released its “Back to Business” plan designed to strategically and safely allow Wisconsin businesses to reopen. The plan is a data-driven, regional approach for Wisconsin businesses to resume operation based on a number of risk factors.

The plan lets a business input basic information (company name, county, NAICS code) into a form provided by the state Department of Health Services. Then, an algorithm, based on infection rates, population density, type of business, and health care capacity, would determine the risk level for that specific business. The risk level would dictate what required precautions the business would have to implement to reopen.

According to WMC, the model would be based on real-time data and could be scaled up or down depending on changes in infection rates and health care capacity. The Evers administration was briefed on the plan last week.


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