WisconsinEye Features Discussion of the History of Reporting in the Capitol

WisconsinEye’s latest Capitol Roundtable featured an interesting discussion between veteran capitol reports.

Five Capitol reporters from the 1960s to the 1990s talked about their jobs, joys and frustrations in a special edition of Capitol Roundtable on April 12, 2013. In those early years, TV and radio reporters were first allowed to cover Capitol news conferences and women started covering the Capitol. The five, who together have a total of 97 years of Capitol experience, were: Harvey Breuscher, Associated Press reporter 1959-67; Neil Shively, Milwaukee Sentinel reporter 1967-1992; Liz Beyler, WIBA Radio 1968-1988; Rich Eggleston, Associated Press reporter 1971-1996, and Frank Ryan, United Press International, 1966-1985.