Wisconsin Supreme Court 2020-21 Term Begins August 1 with Karofsky in, Kelly out.

Wisconsin’s Supreme Court 2020-21 term began August 1, 2020, with initial oral argument set for September 8. Go here for a list of cases to be heard in September and here for the 2020-21 court calendar.

With the new term brings in a significantly different court. Conservative Justice Daniel Kelly is replaced by liberal Justice Jill Karofsky. Karofsky was sworn in August 1 on the 35-mile mark in a 100-mile competitive race.

Patience Drake Roggensack will sit as Chief Justice during the 2020-21 term, filling out her third consecutive two-year term as chief justice. Roggensack was the first justice chosen to serve as chief justice since a 2015 constitutional amendment that required the chief justice be elected for a term of 2 years by a majority of the justices rather than by seniority.