Wisconsin in Vogue


Heading to the farmer’s market in the summertime is not only a great way to get your fresh summer vegetables, but a popular summer pastime in the United States. Wisconsin’s farmers’ markets received their own mention is a recent article in Vogue.

In the article, which let Vogue staffers pick their favorite farmers’ markets, the following two were noted:

Dane County Farmers’ Market, Madison, Wisconsin
“The Dane County Farmers’ Market is always good. All of the stands are set up circling the capital building so the environment is beautiful. And of course, since it’s Wisconsin, you’re probably going to find some of the best cheeses you can get at a farmers’ market in general.”
—Sara Jendusa, Vogue.com Contributor

West Bend Farmers’ Market, West Bend, Wisconsin
“The West Bend Farmers Market in Washington County is wonderful and offers a large variety. We have just discovered a new booth, the Wisconsin Soup Company, and their soup is to die for.”
—Vogue Market Editor Kelly Connor’s Auntie Erin

Other farmers’ markets included were located in Sweden, California, New York, and New Jersey.