Wisconsin Global Warming Bill Officially Unveiled


After months of meetings and drafting, the global warming legislation has been officially released. The bill, 174 pages in length, would dramatically change energy consumption and Wisconsin’s economy. 

Most notable are provisions adding a “low carbon fuel standard,” which is aimed at curtailing the use of Canadian crude derived from oil sands in Alberta, Canada. Wisconsin receives nearly 50 percent of its oil from Canada. If a low carbon fuel standard is adopted, Wisconsin’s oil supply would be drastically affected, leading to considerably higher gas prices.

The bill would also force Wisconsin to adopt California’s low emission vehicle standards. Under the federal Clean Air Act, California is the only state allowed to create its own set of greenhouse gas emission standards. States may adopt California’s standards, but once they do, they must follow any changes adopted by the California Air Resources Board. To meet California’s very strict standards, states must restrict the sale of trucks, minivans and SUVs. This could prove to be extremely problematic for Wisconsinites, who rely heavily on such vehicles for hunting, farming, and getting around during our harsh winters.

Hamilton Consulting  is analyzing the language released yesterday and will provide continuous updates as the bill moves forward. Updates can be found at the Hamilton Consulting Regulatory Watch.