Walker Signs Lean Government Initiative

Gov. Walker has signed Executive Order #66, calling on state agencies to look for ways to eliminate waste, save time, simplify operations and improve services to the public.

Governor Walker’s Waste, Fraud, and Abuse Commission recommended the creation of a statewide Lean Government program. Lean is a continuous improvement philosophy that has been used to great success in manufacturing for decades and is a growing tool for state and local governments looking to become more efficient and save tax dollars.

State employees and managers engage in events designed to improve operational efficiencies and maximize financial savings. By mapping current processes, everyone can work together to identify and eliminate non-value added steps. This can cut down on wasted man-hours, improve state employee work environments, and increase government’s customer satisfaction among other positive outcomes.

Walker’s EO 66 requires state agencies to define their mission and create measurement criteria for the services they perform. It also asks that agencies collaborate with each other and focus on improvements that can be made without changing the law.

State agencies will post their projects and results to this webpage.