Walker Announces Budget Increase for Local Roads

On Oct. 13, 2016, Gov. Scott Walker announced his plan to increase local road funding by 8.5 percent in his 2017-2019 budget for the local road improvement program and general transportation aids.

Walker’s release stated his budget would invest an additional $14.6 million in to general transportation aids. Combined with the nearly $9 million increase requested in the DOT’s budget proposal, this totals a $23.5 million increase for local roads and bridges.

Over the last several months, transportation funding for the 2017-19 budget has been a contentious issue between Walker and Assembly Republicans. Walker has pledged that he will not increase taxes to generate transportation revenue, while Assembly Republican leadership has urged Walker to consider revenue increases after analyzing cost savings. Walker will present his final DOT budget to the legislature in early 2017, and it is anticipated that the transportation budget will continue to be controversial as session begins.

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