Walker Administration Shuffles Staff

The Department of Administration (DOA) announced on Sept. 20 that Waylon Hurlburt will be the new state budget director. Hurlburt will replace Michael Heifetz, who is transitioning to the Department of Health Services (DHS) as state Medicaid director. Hurlburt and Heifetz will begin their new positions Oct. 3.

Hurlburt joins DOA from the governor’s office. He currently serves as senior advisor to the governor and has worked on budget and policy issues for Walker since 2011. Before working in the governor’s office, Hurlburt worked in various state legislative offices since 2006. Hurlburt will serve as the Division Administrator of Executive Budget and Finance, which provides financial services to the state legislature and fiscal policy analysis to the governor.

Heifetz, who will fill the role of state Medicaid director and Division Administrator of Health Care Access and Accountability at DHS, was formerly Vice President of Governmental Affairs at Dean Clinic & SSM Health of Wisconsin. He also has 10 years of experience in state government.

Current state Medicaid director Moore plans to leave DHS after five years at the department and nearly two decades in state government to pursue career opportunities in the private sector. Moore plans to remain in the health care industry after he leaves DHS on Sept. 23.