Voter ID Bill Becomes Law

Gov. Scott Walker recently signed into law legislation – Assembly Bill 7 – which requires voters to present identification before they vote. The law also ends straight ticket voting and strengthens absentee voter requirements.

The law requires that anyone voting in a particular district must have resided in that district for 28 days. Previously, living in a particular district for 10 days was sufficient to vote in that district.

The bill’s opponents liken the new law to a poll tax, claiming that it will negatively affect the elderly, students, and minorities. However, citizens living in nursing or retirement homes and institutions are exempt from the law, as are stalking victims and those who object for religious purposes. Supporters of the bill argue that the law is a long overdue protection against voter fraud.

While some provisions go into effect before next year, the photo identification portion of the law will not go into effect until 2012.