Virtual Economic Impact Map Shows WEDC Investments Across the State

Economic development investments made by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) are now open for public view through an interactive online map. The map shows all of the investments WEDC has made since July 2011. Users are able to examine key performance indicators such as award amounts and projected jobs. The map also allows users to view summaries and reports for regions such as Senate and Assembly districts.



The impact map is a project in partnership with Pangea Studios at UW-Whitewater and the State Cartographer’s Office and Cartography Lab at UW-Madison. UW-Whitewater students with Pangea provided map coding and database development, while UW-Madison students with the State Cartographer’s Office and Cartography Lab provided input on the design and functionality of the map.


The information displayed on the map is also available in a searchable database. The database allows a user to search by agency, year, recipient, municipality, county, program, amount of award and industry. Each award entry will also include projected and actual outcomes of the project as that data becomes available.