U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform Poll: Bipartisan Majority of Americans Support COVID-19 Liability Protections

A bipartisan majority of Americans support protecting businesses from lawsuits related to coronavirus, according to a U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform (ILR) poll released earlier this month.

“The global pandemic has caused tremendous economic harm to our nation. As employers plan to reopen safely and sustainably, the last thing they need is to face a financially crippling lawsuit despite their best effort to comply with public health guidelines,” said ILR President Harold Kim.

61 percent of poll respondents generally support coronavirus lawsuit protections. Support for liability protections grew when respondents were asked about specific sectors. Provided businesses are following the latest health guidelines, 84 percent support protecting essential businesses like grocery stores and pharmacies. 82 percent support protecting restaurants, stores and other businesses from lawsuits by people claiming to have contracted coronavirus there. 74 percent support protecting companies who ask sick employees to stay home. 75 percent support lawsuit protections for hand sanitizer and cleaning supply companies. Majorities of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents all expressed their support for these policies.

Wisconsin Civil Justice Council and a coalition of businesses are asking the Wisconsin Legislature to adopt these types of reforms to protect Wisconsin businesses as the state begins to reopen.