Training for Law Enforcement Changes in Domestic Abuse Cases

A new bill changing the training standards for law enforcement officers regarding domestic abuse incidents and complaints was passed the final hurdle of passage, and now goes to Governor Walker’s desk for signature.

The original bill required:

  • A law enforcement officer to prepare a report if that officer does not make an arrest because that officer did not believe reasonable grounds exist that the person committed a domestic abuse crime. The report shall state why no such reasonable grounds exist.
  • The district attorney to report to DOJ the number of instances law enforcement responds to an instance involving domestic abuse that did not result in an arrest.
  • The Law Enforcement Standards Board to establish standards for the training of law enforcement officers in addressing domestic abuse incidents.

The bill was significantly amended in the Senate. The amendment replaces the above with:

  • A requirement that the Department of Administration shall maintain and provide to DOJ a case management system that allows district attorneys to manage and share case-related information.
  • DOJ shall make a list of domestic abuse services organizations available to law enforcement agencies and provides for the sharing of information with such agencies.