The Search is on for the Capitol Christmas Tree

Each fall, the State of Wisconsin searches for a Christmas tree to be displayed in the Capitol rotunda in December. The search for this year’s tree is now underway.


Tree donations are based upon requirements listed below:


  • Balsam Fir approximately 35 – 45 feet tall.
  • Full branches throughout the tree, if possible. Otherwise, a second donated tree may be needed to utilize the branches for filler.
  • Tree should be accessible to the necessary logging and loading equipment for removing the tree from the property. In addition, there are often media outlets or groups that like to watch the tree being harvested.
  • All of the cutting, loading, and hauling expenses are to be donated.

“The annual display of a Christmas tree in the State Capitol rotunda is a special holiday tradition,” Governor Walker said. “Each holiday season, numerous tourists and visitors enjoy the beauty of our selected Balsam Fir tree.”

Wisconsin Department of Administration staff will meet with potential donors to inspect the tree prior to accepting the donation. The first tree that meets the requirements will be selected. The tree is harvested in November and is brought to the State Capitol in late November to early December.

For more information about how to participate, please contact:

Lisa Humphrey, Building and Grounds Superintendent
Department of Administration
17 W. Main Street, Suite 119
Madison, WI 53702
Office: (608) 261-4355
FAX: (608) 264-6684