Supreme Court to Hear Oral Arguments in Act 10 Case

On November 11, the Wisconsin Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in what is perhaps the most hotly anticipated case of the year – Madison Teachers, Inc. v. Scott Walker. The case centers on the constitutionality of 2011 Wisconsin Act 10, also known as the budget repair bill, which sparked massive protests at the state capitol in the spring of 2011.

On September 14, 2012 Dane County Circuit Judge Juan Colas overturned key portions of Act 10, ruling it violated constitutional provisions of free speech, association, and equal protection by placing additional burdens on unions and treating various classes of employees differently.

The state has appealed this decision and also requested a stay of the judgment while the appeal is pending. The Supreme Court will make a decision on both the stay and the underlying case.

WisconsinEye will be live-streaming the arguments.