Supreme Court Recount Yields No Major Changes – Justice Prosser Still Well Ahead of Kloppenburg

With 71 of 72 counties having completed the recount in the race between Justice David Prosser and his challenger, JoAnne Kloppenburg, Justice Prosser’s lead has declined by only 355 votes. The only county left to report its official recount is Waukesha County, where Kloppenburg would need to pick up 6,962 votes.

According to University of Wisconsin political science professor, Ken Mayer, the chance of Kloppenburg winning is statistically impossible. In order for Kloppenburg to pull out a victory in Waukesha County, she would have to pick up one vote for every 18 votes cast. According to Prof. Mayer, the probability of that happening is “zero.”

Yet, it’s uncertain whether Kloppenburg will stop at the recount. As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial page notes, the sole reason for Kloppenburg ordering a recount all along may be to set up a legal challenge.