Senate Holds Hearings on Mining

Last session’s hot topic is back again, as the Senate is holding three hearings on mining in Wisconsin. Mining Committee Chairman Sen. Tim Cullen (D-Janesville) called the hearings in an effort to create a greater context for the issues involved in reforming Wisconsin’s mining laws and detail the roles other government entities play in the mining permitting process.

Thus far, the committee has attempted to stay away from discussing last year’s mining bill, however, the issues of approval timelines, which was a major component of that bill, has been a popular topic.

Only invited speakers are testifying at the hearings, but the public is invited to attend. WisconsinEye is videoing each of the hearings.

Informational Hearing 1 – Sept. 18
Dr. Tom Evans, Wisconsin Geological Survey
Rebecca Graser, Army Corps of Engineers
Ann Coakley, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Video from WisconsinEye.

Informational Hearing 2 – Sept. 20
Ann McCammon-Soltis, Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission
Dave Boetcher, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
James Buchen & Scott Manley, Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce
George Meyer, Wisconsin Wildlife Federation
Video from WisconsinEye.

Informational Hearing 3 – Sept. 25
Stephen Donohue, Wisconsin Mining Association
Jennifer Giegerich, Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters
Amber Meyer Smith, Clean Wisconsin, Inc.
WisconsinEye will broadcast this hearing live.