Senate Committee to Vote to Introduce Worker’s Compensation Bill

The Senate Committee on Labor and Regulatory Reform will vote by paper ballot Tuesday on whether to introduce, as a committee, LRB 4563, legislation proposed by the Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Advisory Council (WCAC). The bill is the biennial agreement between management and labor for reform in the worker’s compensation system. Although the committee will likely approve introduction of the bill next week, the vote to introduce the bill is not necessarily indicative of support for passing the bill out of committee.

Historically, once a WCAC approved bill was introduced, it went through a simple process of committee review and quick passage in the legislature.  However, with more controversial items included – specifically a health service fee schedule – the bill’s fate is unknown.

Other components of the bill include:

  • Additional payments for permanent partial disability
  • An increase to the maximum weekly compensation for permanent partial disability
  • An increase in supplemental benefits
  • An increase to lump sum payments in compromise agreements
  • A modification to the payments of proceeds of claims against third parties
  • A requirement for electronic billing
  • A requirement for health care records to be in electronic format
  • A limitation on the dispensing of opiates