Screnock, Dallet Move on To Wisconsin Supreme Court General Election

On Tuesday, Feb. 20, Wisconsin voters selected Sauk County Circuit Court Judge Michael Screnock and Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Rebecca Dallet to advance to the general election for Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Screnock, who is considered the conservative in the race, received 46 percent of the vote. Dallet, a progressive, received 36 percent. Madison attorney and progressive Tim Burns received 18 percent of the vote and did not advance to the general.

While Screnock “won” the primary, it is unclear if he will have the numbers to win the general. Progressives Dallet and Burns altogether took 54 percent of the votes, so Screnock will need to convert some of the Burns votes or hope for higher conservative turnout in the general. Yet, with the typically low turnout for spring elections, many experts say anything can happen.

Screnock and Dallet will participate in two debates on March 2 and March 30 before the general election on April 3.