Roundtable Discusses Opportunities for Expanding the Use of Natural Gas in Wisconsin

The Department of Administration recently hosted a forum to provide information to businesses and citizens about expanding the use of compressed natural gas (CNG) as a transportation fuel.

“Businesses across Wisconsin are looking for ways to offset and reduce high gasoline and diesel prices. The use of natural gas as a transportation fuel is a great way to save nearly 50% on fuel costs,” said Secretary Huebsch. “It’s an affordable, clean, domestic vehicle fuel that can positively impact Wisconsin’s economy by lowering fuel costs for our businesses, and increasing business opportunities in the natural gas and biogas supply chain.”

The Wisconsin Natural Gas Vehicle Fuel Roundtable, which includes representatives from the Wisconsin State Energy Office, Wisconsin Clean Cities, and an advisory group made up of businesses from across the state, hopes to:

  • Provide a resource for businesses and consumers to learn about current and planned fueling stations, state and federal incentives and information about vehicles that use natural gas.
  • Identify and share information on the different regulatory structures for natural gas such as:
    • Road taxes
    • Building and fire codes
    • Contracting for natural gas supplies from regulated utilities and interstate pipeline companies
    • Identify areas where policies can be introduced or updated to encourage the expansion of natural gas vehicles.
  • Assemble representatives from relevant state and federal agencies to coordinate government efforts to encourage natural gas transportation with the needs and concerns of businesses and consumers.
  • Explore long-term opportunities provided by natural gas transportation for Wisconsin’s manufacturers, fleet owners, and producers of biogas.
  • Promote Wisconsin as a leading state in the use of clean, affordable, domestic natural gas, the manufacture of natural gas transportation equipment and a producer of CNG fuel from waste.