Recent Polls Have Positive News for Gov. Walker

Directly following a good run of polling for Democratic challenger Mary Burke, Governor Walker has had some consistently positive poll numbers emerge in the latest round.

About a week ago, Mary Burke had taken the lead in Real Clear Politics aggregate, but after the latest Marquette Poll, Governor Walker has retaken a slight lead.

While most agree this race will be close and come down to the final days, the current snapshot shows a race where Walker has reestablished as the leader and the possibility that Burke’s momentum has evened out.

All of the polls have the race within the margin of error, but Hamilton Tidbits notes the five most recent polls give Governor Walker a lead between 2 and 4 percent amongst likely voters. The recently released Marquette University Law School poll has Walker at 49-46 amongst likely voters, Rasmussen poll has Walker leading 48-46 and CBS/NYTimes/YouGov poll shows Walker leading 49-45.  It should be noted that according to the Marquette University poll, Walker and Burke are tied at 46 amongst registered voters.

In the end, the polling confirms what most of us have heard for months—it’s a close race that will come down to the final days, with the Governor as a slight favorite.