Racine Does it Again

Very few, if any, Senate seats in Wisconsin have as storied and tumultuous history as does Senate District 21. The district has had three different senators since 2002, and two of those three senators faced off for the second time in 19 months in the June 5 recall.

In relatively recent history, the district has seen: A Majority Leader unexpectedly fall, a successful recall election prompted by a vote on Miller Park financing, and most recently, a second successful recall election related to Act 10. Both of those recalls resulted in the state Senate majority switching.

Now current/then former Sen. John Lehman’s defeat of now former/then current Sen. Van Wanggaard was the only successful recall attempt this summer, but it is an important one as Lehman’s victory hands control of the state senate to Democrats.

District 21 will not be up for grabs again until November 2014, but then again with Racine you never know…