PSCW Commissioner Resigns

Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW) Commissioner Mike Huebsch recently announced week he will retire from PSCW effective Feb. 3. Huebsch was appointed to the PSCW by Gov. Scott Walker in 2015. His term would have expired in 2021.

Before his appointment to the PSCW, Huebsch served as secretary of the Department of Administration and had served sixteen years in the state Assembly, including being elected Assembly Speaker.

Huebsch’s retirement will allow Gov. Tony Evers to appoint his replacement, giving Evers appointees a 2-1 majority on the Commission. The new Evers appointee would be subject to Senate confirmation. Evers-appointed PSCW Chairperson Rebecca Cameron Valcq was unanimously confirmed by the Senate in November. (Status of all Gov. Evers appointees.)

Remaining at PSCW is Commissioner Ellen Nowak, who was appointed by Gov. Walker.