PSCW Approves Notice of Investigation of Electric Vehicles

The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW) unanimously voted on Feb. 21 to open a generic docket (PSCW Docket # 5-EI-156) for the investigation of electric vehicle (EV) policy and regulation. The Notice of Investigation lists eight considerations that the Commission’s investigation will include, such as EV impacts on electric storage and transmission; policies and standards of electric utilities regarding EVs; and consumer expectations regarding EVs.

At the open meeting, there was not much discussion on the new docket. PSCW Chair Ellen Nowak and Commissioner Mike Huebsch both noted that PSCW may not want to provide anticipatory regulation and instead should let the free market play out. Commissioner Valcq noted she is in favor of these types of generic proceedings and wants PSCW to be “out in front of” issues.

 Parties have 14 days to request to intervene in this docket. RENEW, a nonprofit organization that promotes renewable energy in Wisconsin, has already requested to intervene. In addition, all electric utilities are automatically parties to this docket. PSCW will then issue a request for data and seek public comments.