Preview: 2015 – 2016 State Legislature

2013 – 2014 State Legislature

2015 – 2016 State Legislature

Senate: 17 Republicans, 15 Democrats, 1 Vacant Senate: 19 Republicans, 14 Democrats
Assembly: 60 Republicans, 39 Democrats Assembly: 63 Republicans, 36 Democrats


Newly Elected Legislators

Tuesday’s election brings an unprecedented number of new senators and representatives to the State Capitol this January. With so many retirements, and a number of losses for incumbents, there will be many new names, and new titles for old ones. Get to know the 7 new state senators, and 25 new state representatives.

State Senate

9th District: Devin LeMahieu (R)

11th District: Rep. Steve Nass (R)

15th District: Rep. Janis Ringhand (D

17th District: Rep. Howard Marklein (R)

19th District: Roger Roth (R)

21st District: Van Wanggard (R)

25th District: Rep. Janet Bewley (D)


State Assembly

1st District: Joel Kitchens (R)

4th District: David Steffen (R)

10th District: David Bowen (D)

19th District: Johnathan Brostoff (D)

22nd District: Janel Brandtjen (R)

26th District: Terry Katsma (R)

27th District: Tyler Vorpagel (R)

28th District: Adam Jarchow (R)

33th District: Cody Horlacher (R)

45th District: Mark Spreitzer (D)

51st District: Todd Novak (R)

55th District: Mike Rohrkaste (R)

57th District: Amanda Stuck (D)

58th District: Robert Gannon (R)

59th District: Jesse Kremer (R)

60th District: Robert Brooks (R)

70th District: Nancy VanderMeer (R)

74th District: Beth Meyers (D)

75th District: Romaine Quinn (R)

78th District: Lisa Subeck (D)

81st District: Dave Considine (D)

85th District: Dave Heaton (R)

87th District: James Edming (R)

88th District: John Macco (R)

97th District: Scott Allen (R)