Presidential Recount Begins Across Wisconsin

A recount of presidential election ballots began Thursday across Wisconsin. The recount, initiated and funded by Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s campaign, will be the first presidential recount in Wisconsin since 2004. The recount will cost approximately $3.5 million and is set to be completed by Monday, Dec. 12.

While Hillary Clinton’s campaign did not file the recount request, they have sent volunteers to help with the recount and supported Stein’s lawsuit requesting that the recount be performed by hand. A judge denied Stein’s suit Tuesday.

In response to Stein’s request, the Wisconsin GOP has filed a complaint against both Stein and Hillary Clinton that alleges that Stein has improperly fundraised the recount that primarily benefits the Clinton campaign.

Experts say the recount is unlikely to change the outcome of either the Wisconsin or national presidential election results, as Trump won Wisconsin by around 22,000 votes. Stein has also initiated recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania, and Clinton would need to win all three states’ recounts to change the overall Electoral College outcome.