Hamilton Political Tidbits – May 19, 2023

Political Tidbits - May 19, 2023
May 19, 2023
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Bits & Pieces:

  • AD 24 Special Election: Gov. Evers announced his order of a special election on July 18 to fill the vacant 24th Assembly District. The seat was represented by Rep. Dan Knodl (R-Germantown) from 2009 until his resignation on May 3. Knodl won a special election for the 8th Senate District on April 4, replacing former Sen. Alberta Darling, who resigned in December. Candidate nomination papers for AD 24 must be filed by May 23; a primary will take place on June 20 if necessary.

  • Pay Raise for ADAs, Public Defenders: On Tuesday, the Joint Finance Committee unanimously approved significant pay increases for prosecutors and public defenders. The committee approved an hourly increase of $8.76 for assistant district attorneys, raising the starting wage to $36 an hour. The committee also increased the hourly rate for public defender contracts from $70 to $100. Many district attorneys in Wisconsin have reported persistent vacancies in their offices, contributing to delays for the courts and law enforcement.

  • Clean Power Plan Progress Report: The Office of Sustainability and Clean Energy, an initiative of the Evers Administration, this week released a progress report on the status of the Clean Energy Plan it published last year. The progress report covers topics such as renewable energy development, energy efficiency programs, building code changes, transportation policy, and equity and environmental justice. See these articles for more information on the Evers Administration’s energy policy. 
Assembly Passes Shared Revenue Bill; Acts 6-10 Signed
In May, the Wisconsin Assembly held one floor session, while the Senate did not meet. No additional floor dates have been scheduled for May. So far, six bills have been signed into law this month. The Assembly met May 17 and passed one bill and eight resolutions. The Assembly devoted most of the four-hour floor period to considering the Republican proposal to reform “shared revenue,” state tax revenue that is divided among local governments to support various programs and services.

Environmental Policy: DNR Budget, PFAS Legislation, NRB Appointments
There have been several significant updates on environmental policy in Wisconsin, including PFAS, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), and the 2023-25 state budget.

Legislators Propose Hospital Price Transparency Requirements
Several legislators have authored a bill to create hospital price transparency requirements in Wisconsin. The bill requires hospitals to create a publicly available, machine-readable digital file containing a list of standard charges for certain items and services, and a consumer-friendly list of standard charges for “shoppable services.” These lists of standard charges must be made publicly, readily available on the hospital’s website and to internet search engines, and periodically updated.

Litigation Financing: Coalition Asks Federal Committee to Adopt Disclosure Rule
On May 8, a broad national coalition of 35 business associations and tort reform advocates sent a letter to the federal Advisory Committee on Civil Rules regarding third party litigation funding or "litigation financing." The letter asks the committee to amend Rule 26 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure to require disclosure of a litigation financing agreement in any civil action filed in federal court.

Issue Update: 2023-25 State Budget
For updates on the 2023-25 state budget in Wisconsin, the Hamilton Consulting Group maintains an issue update page providing comprehensive coverage of the budget process.

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