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 January 23, 2014  
On the evening of January 22 Gov. Scott Walker delivered his last "State of the State" speech of his first term as governor. The Hamilton team's analysis and reactions from others are outlined below in this special edition of Political Tidbits.


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Gov. Walker's 2014 State of the State Address

Last night Gov. Walker delivered his 4th State of the State address, the final one of his first term. He used the opportunity to highlight his view of an ever improving economic situation in Wisconsin pointing to a number of statistics that show job creation, an increase in personal wealth, decreasing unemployment, more homes being built, and the newly announced $1 billion surplus.


The Governor detailed his plans for the surplus which included a $400 million property tax cut, an income tax cut, a state tax withholding freeze, and $35 million for workforce training.


Today, Gov. Walker will call for a special session to move his plan forward, but the path to passage is far from clear as Sen. Majority Leader Fitzgerald has already remarked that his caucus can not pass the governor's plan due to structural deficit concerns.


The speech was delivered under a spotlight that now includes a growing prospect at a run for president, as well as in what could be a competitive election year with a well financed Mary Burke having entered the race for Governor. Reactions to the speech are still coming in, but Gov. Walker's message was clear: Wisconsin has prospered under his policies, and will only continue to improve.



 Click here to read the full text of the speech.


Legislators React to Walker's State of the State

Reactions to the State of the State are always mixed, with people typically splitting along party lines. WisconsinEye once again provided exceptional video coverage of both prepared and off-the-cuff reactions following the governor's speech.

The official Democratic response was provided by Senate Minority Leader Chris Larson and Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca.
Immediately following the speech WisconsinEye caught up with various legislators to get their initial responses to the governor's plans.



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Wis. Assembly approves tougher pot sanctions: WMTV.com, Jan. 21, 2014.



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