October is Cyber Security Awareness Month

In 2010, people throughout Wisconsin lost $4.9 million through cyber rip-offs and scams. The average was more than $1000 per victim. In one case, a victim lost more than $160,000. Gov. Scott Walker has declared October as Cyber Security Awareness Month. Throughout the month, ReadyWisconsin will feature easy to follow tips that can stop cybercriminals before they strike your computer or mobile devices.

Top Five Tips for Cyber Security:

  • Password “Plus”: Don’t use the same password for your email, social media, and bank accounts. Once cybercriminals obtain that one password, they can raid all your accounts.
  • Long and strong: Combine capital and lowercase letters with numbers and symbols to create more secure passwords.
  • Write it down and keep it safe: Everyone can forget a password. Keep a list that’s stored in a safe, secure place away from your computer.
  • When in doubt, throw it out: Links in email, tweets, posts, and online advertising are often used by cybercriminals to compromise your computer. If it looks suspicious, even if you know the source, it’s best to delete or if appropriate, mark as junk email.
  • Get savvy about Wi‐Fi hotspots: Limit the type of business you conduct and adjust the security settings on your device to limit access.

Additional tips and a list of “Scams and Scoundrels” is available on the ReadyWisconsin website.