October Floor Preview: Senate to Approve Evers Appointments, Assembly Will Focus on First Responders

The Senate and Assembly are both meeting this week for the first time since passing the state budget in June. Both chambers plan to meet once more in November before returning in 2020 for the final floorperiods of the 2019-20 legislative session. Below are highlights of the Senate & Assembly calendars this week.


Senate – Oct. 8, 2019

The Senate’s October floorperiod is centered around the approval of five of Gov. Tony Evers’s cabinet secretary appointments. The Senate is scheduled to approve Department of Revenue Secretary Peter Barca, Department of Financial Institutions Secretary Kathy Blumenfeld, Department of Administration Secretary Joel Brennan, Department of Corrections Secretary Kevin Carr, and Department of Veterans & Military Affairs Secretary Mary Kolar. These five are the first cabinet appointments to receive approval by the full Senate. Read more about the status of Gov. Evers’s appointments.

In addition to the appointments, the Senate has scheduled SB 304, a bill that would essentially prohibit auto manufacturers from responding to automobile dealers who use an enhanced warranty reimbursement rate. The bill’s inclusion on the calendar was somewhat surprising as is directly interjects the legislature into pre-existing private contractual agreements strongly favoring one business entity over another.

Also of note, the Senate is scheduled to pass a bill (SB 266/AB 300) that would provide health insurance to families of fallen officers.

The Senate is also set to send to Gov. Evers’s desk a bipartisan bill that would define electric bicycles, treating them similarly to traditional bicycles. Under current law, e-bikes are considered “motor bicycles” or “motor vehicles” subject to more stringent regulations. The Assembly passed the e-bikes bill in June.


Assembly – Oct. 10, 2019

The Assembly’s October floorperiod will focus on honoring first responders, with resolutions commending emergency personnel and declaring Oct. 28 First Responders Appreciation Day. Members will recognize first responders from across the state.

The Assembly is also set to send the benefits for fallen officers bill (SB 266/AB 300) to Gov. Evers desk and pass AB 426, which would make it a felony to trespass on the property of a company that operates a pipeline.